Expansion is an exciting prospect for any business, and we’re no exception in the Rocksteady Promotions office. We’re true believers in the potential of clean energy, which is why we’re proud to help Inspire Energy acquire customers. As we expand into new regions, we get to reach a broader base of consumers and turn them on to the promise of renewable energy.

Joy, our company President, stated, “We want to become a top Inspire Energy office, which is why we have aggressive goals for expansion. Mathew F. will be leading our next venture into a new market. He brings a positive attitude to every challenge. I have full confidence in his ability to make the most of this effort.”

In his new role, Mathew will be responsible for guiding a team of 20 to 25 associates toward a range of objectives. He’ll also develop new strategies for attracting fresh talent, along with an array of other administrative tasks. Joy added, “Mathew has earned this position by stretching beyond his skill set to advance his growth. He sets the right type of example for everyone on Team Rocksteady Promotions.”

Inspire Energy offers smart solutions that help people improve efficiency throughout their homes. We’re committed to connecting people with their cause and making them happy customers along the way.

This expansion promises great rewards for our company, Inspire Energy, and a bevy of new customers. For more on our growth efforts, check out the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire.