Partnering with an innovative company such as Inspire Energy keeps us motivated to do our best work here at Rocksteady Promotions HQ. Providing sustainable power solutions that help the environment is noble and fulfilling. We’re happy to support this cause through our customer acquisition efforts. Here are a few key facts we’ve learned about solar power along the way.

The sun provides more total energy to our planet every second than we use in an entire year. That’s a staggering thought on its own, but the fact that harnessing this power causes far less pollution than fossil fuels is even more inspiring. Carbon emissions worldwide could be reduced if we can expand the influence of solar power in the market.

Of course, there are also economic problems that emerge from our reliance on fossil fuels. These include uneasy alliances with foreign powers. On a smaller level, we could power our monthly electric bills quite a bit by using solar panels in our homes. Around the Rocksteady Promotions office, we’re motivated by the idea that we can be part of a renewable energy solution to a wide range of problems.

We’re fascinated by the potential solar power offers our society. That’s why we’re so proud to work with Inspire Energy. Learn more about green power and how we’re helping to spread the message by following Rocksteady Promotions on Twitter.