We enjoy a variety of morale-boosting events as members of Team Rocksteady Promotions. Our most recent activity was an office scavenger hunt that brought out our competitive sides in a memorably fun way. It was an exciting and highly active evening around our office.

Joy, our firm’s President, stated, “Our team always enjoys competing, even when bragging rights are the only things up for grabs. We set up all kinds of friendly competitions to bolster camaraderie throughout the Rocksteady Promotions office. The scavenger hunt was an ideal change of pace for our team night. Each associate was given a list of 10 items to find, so it was the fun kind of chaos as everyone ran around in search of what they needed to complete their lists!”

Our many team nights help us collaborate more smoothly on behalf of the smart energy solutions provider we represent. Joy remarked, “Every time we enjoy each other’s company away from the office, we learn more about all the unique talents within our workspace. We become better communicators through our group activities as well. All this adds up to winning teamwork that delivers consistent gains for our team and for Inspire Energy.”

We’re definitely looking forward to our next team night and all the fun we’ll have together. To learn more about our uniquely effective approach to building morale, be sure to follow Rocksteady Promotions on Twitter.