We’re always looking for ways to expand on our Rocksteady Promotions commitment to social impact. Right now, we’re preparing for a giveback event that will make the coming school year better for kids in our area. Joy, our firm’s President, explained, “We’re excited to announce our back-to-school drive, which will see our team collecting supplies and donating them to inner-city children. Being able to make an impact in our community is always an inspiring experience for us.”

The connections we forge while giving back to worthy causes make our social impact efforts even more valuable. We get to meet all kinds of business leaders and influential citizens when we come together on behalf of a great nonprofit or community group. The contacts we make often help us in unexpected ways down the road.

Joy also believes in the culture-building benefits of giving back to good causes. She stated, “People want to know they work for companies that care. We’ve always stressed social impact as a core Rocksteady Promotions cultural element, so anyone who joins our team knows we’re serious about helping the community that has enabled our success.”

Giving back helps the firm attract top candidates and retain talent. Joy remarked, “Engagement remains high around our office because our team members know they can make a difference through their work and our many philanthropic endeavors. Jobseekers don’t have to dig very deep to find news on our giveback events, so they know what we stand for as a company as well.”

We’re ready to make the coming school year a bit brighter for kids in our area. Check out the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire for updates on all our social impact efforts.