Opportunities that Last a Lifetime with Rocksteady Promotions

Our Rocksteady Promotions team is filled with people who are excited about their work. By adding many voices together, our collective impact on the world is even greater.

Rocksteady Ways to Inspire a New Future of Clean Energy

We know that it is sometimes hard to make a difference. Yet those who strive to go beyond the ordinary will find abundant opportunities at Rocksteady Promotions. We foster a culture in which our people can express their unique passions. Not only do their ideas matter to us, we give them the guidance and tools to create actionable solutions.

Professional Growth With a Side of Travel

Our brand ambassadors educate and get people excited about the latest brands and technologies. It is the connections that we create between consumers and sustainable solutions that give our future generations chances to thrive in a healthy world. Our unique mission is to greet every challenge with the courage to excel and inspire action. We train our associates in business and presentation skills to surpass our collective goals.

In order to make sure every brand ambassador is knowledgeable in all areas of the client’s work, we utilize conferences and networking opportunities. Our conferences are held all over the country which gives our associates the opportunity to learn from the top leaders in the industry. Mentorship is of highest regard; we pair all of our new associates with expert leaders so that growth is facilitated one on one.


One of our top priorities is assisting our associates on the path to maximum potential as experts in our business. We offer abundant leadership experiences, and when team members have honed their skills, they support our newest hires. We never stop learning.

Lifelong Bonds

At Rocksteady Promotions, we build our team around a shared vision of building brands to the highest level, and we take pride in the work we do every day. Our enthusiasm is second to none, and that’s why our associates enjoy what they do. We’re more than a team – we’re a family, and we prize our relationships. We strengthen them on a regular basis through industry conferences, exotic retreats, and celebrations of our success.

Grab the chance to work with Rocksteady Promotions!

Here is your chance to become a key player in Pennsylvania’s most exciting and rewarding career opportunity. If you love personal development and want to be the best you can be, apply now! Please send cover letter and resume to .