We take pride in our internal Rocksteady Promotions recognition efforts. Receiving praise from others is just as exciting, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Joy, our firm’s President, has been nominated for a prestigious award. She’s an incredible mentor, so it’s great to see her recognized on a larger scale. Joy is hard-working, inspirational, and genuinely cares about each person on our team.

Being accountable is one of the key ways Joy sets the right example for Team Rocksteady Promotions. She believes having a growth mind-set means staying true to yourself and your goals. This forward-looking philosophy has spread throughout our office, motivating us to stay engaged day in and day out.

Joy is also adept at asking for and applying feedback from others. This is something we’ve taken to heart around Rocksteady Promotions HQ, because sometimes getting an outside perspective is necessary when it comes to achieving lofty goals. Joy has encouraged us to ask lots of questions every time we set and pursue a new ambitious objective.

We’re also lucky to have Joy as our President because of her positivity. She sets the pace around our office by finding the productive lessons in even the most unexpected outcomes. We look toward every new challenge with optimism thanks to Joy’s example.

Joy deserves every bit of recognition that comes her way. Like us on Facebook to learn more about her leadership and our ongoing success.