Our continuing growth is a big source of excitement around the Rocksteady Promotions office. There’s a real buzz among our team members right now because we’re eyeing two markets for expansion. Joy, our company’s President, explained, “We are a swiftly growing firm, and we know the sky is the limit! We’re lucky to have an ambitious team to help us turn our expansion goals into reality.”

Scranton, Pennsylvania, and Chicago, Illinois are the markets we’ve scoped out for potential expansion ventures. We’ve recently stretched into the Columbia area and can’t wait to see where we move forward next. “We’re committed to setting the bar higher,” Joy noted. “This goes for our overall growth and for every effort to generate awareness. Our team members understand the importance of pushing beyond the status quo, even when things are going well. It’s the only way to stay ahead in our competitive industry.”

Opening new markets not only provides opportunities to our existing team members, but to motivated candidates in the regions we’re entering. Those who want to grow along with Rocksteady Promotions by improving every day will feel right at home in our office. We look forward to meeting with sharp jobseekers as we move into our bright future.

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