Travel is a lot of fun, but there’s more to it than mere excitement. Rocksteady Promotions business trips allow us to learn, grow, and enhance our relationship networks. The most recent of these opportunities took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Here are the ways we benefitted from the event:

• Bonding: We spent time together outside the Rocksteady Promotions office, which is always something we treasure. Stepping away from our daily tasks allows us to focus more on each other. We learn more about unique strengths and interests, making teamwork even smoother when we return to our routine work. This way, we’re more than coworkers. We’re also friends.

• Networking: The Philadelphia conference was geared toward the top players in our field, which meant there were ample relationship-building opportunities. We made new contacts and strengthened existing connections. Now, we’re surrounded by even more support as we pursue our goals. We look forward to coaching, referrals, and more.

• Training: We also had the ability to learn and train from the key people in attendance. Structured sessions covered topics like strategic planning, leadership, and market trends. During our downtime, we exchanged best practices with the other attendees. As such, there was nonstop knowledge transfer.

We returned to the workplace with a rejuvenated sense of passion for our business. We’ve already begun implementing all we’ve learned! Get the details on the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire.