Becoming a top-flight leader is a central pursuit for everyone here at Rocksteady Promotions HQ. As we work to improve our management skills, we focus on a few key traits shared by respected leaders. Here are the skills we’re working on:

• Inspiring Accountability: This is perhaps an underrated talent among the best business leaders, but it’s one we’ve made a focal point in the Rocksteady Promotions office. Being accountable for what we do is an effective way to inspire more responsible approaches in others. We’re keen to measure our progress toward big goals and set the right example.

• Encouraging Teamwork: We know we need to inspire collaboration if we expect to become great leaders. Doing so requires knowing as much as possible about our people’s unique talents. After all, we need to harness them to achieve consistent results. By encouraging teamwork, we will put all our people in prime position to succeed.

• Communicating Clearly: There’s no substitute for clearly sharing expectations and larger visions of success as a manager. That’s why we focus on these skills during our ongoing education sessions. Transparency is another core value we know we must bring to the table, so we keep that in mind as we refine our communication abilities.

These essential skills are central to our leadership training approach. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire