A large contingent from Team Rocksteady Promotions recently attended the quarterly networking conference in Dallas, Texas for the first time. The event offered a wide range of benefits, including hands-on education in emerging techniques and plenty of chances to add helpful contacts.

Twelve team members represented Rocksteady Promotions at the event. They returned to the office ready to share what they learned with everyone. Joy, our firm’s President, explained, “The team members selected were excited to show what they’re made of during the conference. They had a unique opportunity to see the big picture of our industry and what it takes to be successful in the long run.”

There were inspiring keynote speeches from influential industry leaders during the conference. Our people returned to the office freshly motivated to reach their highest goals using some of the insights they gained from these addresses.

Of course, the networking potential of the event was off the charts. Joy commented, “Being around so many successful people, you almost can’t help but expand your network in meaningful ways. Our team members took full advantage of this by asking open-ended questions that kept potential contacts talking. They quickly homed in on common ground to ignite deeper discussions.”

We are excited to keep applying what we learned in Dallas. Follow Rocksteady Promotions on Twitter to receive updates on our travel events.