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Rocksteady Promotions champions some of the biggest brands across the nation in home improvement, cosmetics, and sustainable energy solutions.

Using our targeting expertise, we help these companies identify and speak directly to previously-untapped demographics. We then deploy our interactive advertising techniques to communicate strategically with consumers to generate bottom-line outcomes that companies can appreciate. Our track record of unstoppable growth has given us a highly-regarded reputation, and as a result, an impressive list of brands in our portfolio, too.

From technology to cosmetics, Rocksteady Promotions partners with businesses in a wide variety of industries and of all sizes to drive sales. Our proven approach connects brands to buyers, to other businesses, and to the wider communities. With thorough research and detailed strategies tailored to each brand’s unique needs, we captivate targeted markets and surpass growth objectives.

It’s a winning trifecta – by making consumers happy we stimulate brand growth. When they’re all happy, so are we! Customers are able to enjoy services and entertainment they love and spread the word as a result. The companies we serve experience greater demand, and we enjoy an even brighter reputation for our firm.


Take home protection to the next level with Rocksteady Promotions, Inc. We provide products and services that help our consumers find a piece of mind in home security at your fingertips.

Smart Technologies

Products that live up to the expectations of today’s health-conscious individuals.

Rocksteady Promotions' Portfolio: Green Technology

Green Technology

Business and residential solutions to minimize carbon emissions for a green future.

Rocksteady Promotions' Portfolio: Home Improvement

Home Improvement

Personalized consulting approach for renovation projects and smart technologies.

Our team represents the best brands in the industry.

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