Motivation is a key element of achieving long-term success. Through our Rocksteady Promotions exploits, we’ve also learned how important it is to truly believe in our abilities. This is what’s known as self-efficacy, and here are a few of our thoughts on this vital attribute.

What makes self-efficacy so powerful is how it influences behavior. If you believe deep down that you can accomplish your biggest goals, you’re more likely to take risks that lead to big rewards. When there’s a lack of true belief in your ability to succeed, your habits reflect the absence of passion.

One way to boost self-efficacy is to set goals that are achievable. The more objectives you reach, the more motivated you’ll be to continue tackling ever bigger challenges. Rather than putting one highly ambitious goal in place, we’ve learned around the Rocksteady Promotions office that accomplishing smaller milestones helps build toward major victories.

As Henry Ford said, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you are right.” By setting specific goals that are also realistic, you can build your belief in your own abilities. Believing in ourselves is what keeps Team Rocksteady Promotions on the leading edge of our industry.

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