We’re all about making lasting impressions on audience members when we speak on behalf of Rocksteady Promotions. As we work toward becoming more powerful public speakers, we’re finding the following strategies to be effective.

One thing we do before walking onto the stage is forget our egos. When we focus less on our own feelings and more on the messages we want to convey, we automatically project more confidence. By thinking of ourselves as vessels for meaningful information, we’re better equipped to present a compelling vision.

We’ve also found the rule of three to be effective in engaging our audiences. Research has shown that people retain information in threes, so organizing our speeches with that in mind is a solid approach. Having two stories and one memorable statistic, for example, is a great way to help listeners remember key points.

Finding friendly faces in the audience helps us represent Rocksteady Promotions with greater confidence when we’re at the podium. There will always be a few people in the crowd who are more engaged than others, so revisiting them throughout our speeches helps us stay on the right track. Whenever we need a confidence boost, we simply lock eyes with one of these attentive people for a few seconds.

These strategies have been helpful in our efforts to improve as presenters. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire