The end of the year is when many professionals receive important performance reviews. It’s essential to be as prepared as possible for these meetings, because they can determine your short-term and long-term career advancement prospects. Here are a few techniques we’ve found helpful around the Rocksteady Promotions office for acing a performance review.

A key first step that should be taken at the beginning of each year is to clarify how performance will be measured. You need to know what your supervisors will be looking for so you can meet and exceed those expectations. The more you know about how you will be evaluated, the better equipped you are to set clear and attainable goals.

It’s also helpful to review performance metrics with your supervisors from time to time. By checking on your progress toward specific milestones, you can make adjustments on the fly. We’ve found this to be especially effective here at Rocksteady Promotions HQ, where we emphasize constant improvement as a core value.

Right before an annual review, it’s helpful to write out your accomplishments from the past year. Your superiors may not remember everything you’ve done, so give them some extra ammunition for a winning review.

These simple strategies can lead to better performance reviews at the end of a busy year.