Select top performers from Team Rocksteady Promotions will soon be attending the national quarterly conference. This event will provide a range of benefits to our team members, who are sure to come back to the office ready to tackle new challenges with fresh insights.

The networking potential offered by a big industry conference is tough to match. We use a measured approach to make the most of the connecting opportunities at these types of gatherings. Quality trumps quantity when it comes to making professional connections. With this in mind, we focus on leaving a conference with a handful of new contacts rather than a huge collection of business cards.

There’s an intangible benefit to attending conferences as well – the positive energy that comes from being around likeminded, successful people. We receive a real motivation boost just by interacting with the influential leaders and peers who are in attendance.

We’ve also learned that just getting out of our comfort zones is a great way to advance our growth. Conferences give us chances to do just that, all while being surrounded by high achievers from across our industry. We bring fresh ideas back to Rocksteady Promotions HQ because we get exposed to them in a relaxed yet learning-focused atmosphere.

These are just a few of the reasons we’re looking forward to the national conference.