JENKINTOWN, PA – Rocksteady Promotions’ President discussed a high-profile award for which the company has been nominated. She also highlighted a few essential goal-setting concepts used by the firm’s team members.

Rocksteady Promotions’ reputation as an innovative leader in consulting and marketing services continues to grow. The firm has a chance to win a prestigious award that would bolster its public profile even more. Joy, the company’s President, explained, “The National Association for Business Resources (NABR) recognizes companies that show impressive commitment to their team members through the Best and Brightest Award. Nominations come from people within an organization, and we’re proud to say that we’re up for this esteemed accolade.”

The committee that actually decides which companies will be nominated looks at a number of key aspects. Among the things considered are communication, work-life balance, ongoing development opportunities, recognition, and retention. Winning firms are honored in an online publication, and all participants receive a complimentary assessment and other benefits throughout the year.

Voting for the Best and Brightest Award includes the public in the greater Philadelphia area. Joy remarked, “We’ve been able to make a lot of helpful connections in the community through our Rocksteady Promotions giveback efforts. Combined with our solid reputation as a leading promoter of smart energy solutions, I think this bodes well for our chances of winning the award. We’re all proud to be nominated, so we’ll be watching closely to see who wins.”

Rocksteady Promotions’ President Discusses Goal-Setting Strategies

Joy explained that a strong commitment to setting ambitious goals keeps Rocksteady Promotions ahead of the competition. She commented, “We encourage our team members to set high benchmarks for their professional development and personal achievements. Our people have a knack for measuring their progress and adjusting course when necessary. We provide them the freedom to take risks and learn from unexpected outcomes. All of this combines to make our culture worthy of the Best and Brightest Award.”

For both personal and company-wide objectives, Joy believes all targets must be as specific as possible. She stated, “I tend to look at goals as lamps that light the path to success. The clearer any objective is, the brighter this light stays right through to a successful result. Our associates have taken this idea to heart, ensuring that their aims are as well-defined as they can be.”

Firm deadlines also play a significant role in the firm’s goal-setting approach. Joy added, “Rather than being open-ended aspirations, we focus on attaching clear completion dates for all our objectives. This allows us to focus our efforts in the most productive ways.”

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