JENKINTOWN, PA – Joy, President of Rocksteady Promotions, announced that the firm has won the 2018 Best and Brightest Company to Work For Award, and discussed some of the company’s winning traits.

Recognition is a value that Joy and the rest of Team Rocksteady Promotions embraces, actively looking for ways to congratulate one another on a job well done. Knowing that they will be honored and rewarded for their efforts keeps team members engaged with their work and inspires them to even greater achievements in the future.

The impact of being recognized by a person or persons outside the office has the same effect on the team, according to Joy, which is why everyone at Rocksteady Promotions is so excited at winning the 2018 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Award. Joy said that it’s one thing for her and her people to feel good about the way they operate, but it takes their collective confidence up quite a bit to receive proof of their excellence from an organization that uses objective criteria to support its opinions. This was a great way to kick off 2019, and Joy is looking forward to using the energy created by this recognition as fuel to exceed all the company’s goals for the coming year.

Why Rocksteady Promotions Is One of the Best and Brightest Companies to Work For

When receiving the award on behalf of Rocksteady Promotions, Joy started considering the specific reasons for the honor. One of the most important, in her mind, is the firm’s immersive training program. From day one with the team, people learn how to succeed in customer acquisitions through one-to-one coaching, workshops, and seminars. By respecting and appealing to all learning styles, Joy has created an office environment that celebrates diversity and innovation.

Growth and achievement are both supported by the Rocksteady Promotions culture as well. Through travel opportunities that supplement the firm’s in-house learning system, networking events, and philanthropy, team members develop skills and connections that support personal and professional development.

Another important element of the Rocksteady Promotions experience is camaraderie. Joy notes that the office atmosphere often feels more like a friendly gathering than a workspace: inviting and fun. This is maintained through frequent team nights, where associates get together after hours to relax and get to know one another away from their roles and titles.

While it’s no mystery why Rocksteady Promotions was recognized as a premier career destination, it’s still an honor that Joy and her team appreciate. They look forward to capitalizing on their achievement and earning the award again in 2020.

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