Performing at a high level is a good way to get noticed by top decision makers within your company. Through our Rocksteady Promotions career advancement activities, we’ve discovered that it’s even better to do the following things without your superiors having to ask.

Taking a lead role in meetings is one good way to position yourself for advancement. When we step up to set the agenda or take the reins on a big project, we know our supervisors will notice. Top decision makers want to see initiative in promotable team members. Making a stand during important meetings is highly impactful for this reason.

It’s also essential to be prepared every day to do your best work. In other words, your supervisor wants you to be on time and able to do your job with minimal supervision. We’re committed to being punctual as we work toward Rocksteady Promotions project goals.

We’ve also found that our superiors want us to ask questions of all kinds, even when we need clarification on big projects. They also prefer to hear our ideas for innovative solutions, so we’re happy to share them when we face demanding situations. It’s better to share your thoughts, because it shows that you’re confident in their value.

These proactive strategies have helped us assert ourselves as promotable professionals.