As we work to make 2019 the strongest year yet for Rocksteady Promotions, we’re more focused on networking than ever before. Learning from top performers in our industry helps us keep up with trends and deliver better results for smart energy solution providers. We’ll be putting the following reliable techniques to good use this year as we expand our contact lists:

• Give Something of Value: Before we can expect any help from a new contact, we need to offer that person something of value first. We’ve made a habit of giving potential connections book suggestions and intros to members of our networks. Providing some type of assistance right off the bat sets the right tone for a productive bond.

• Ask Open-Ended Questions: We want to make it clear that we’re interested in learning about our would-be connections. Asking lots of questions that invite lengthy answers is one of the best ways to do so. When we allow potential contacts to do most of the talking, we gain a lot of valuable info and ensure that we stick out in their memories as well.

• Follow Up: A quick call or brief email is all it takes to fortify the bonds we’ve made with our newest Rocksteady Promotions contacts. We want people to know that we’re serious about forging meaningful connections.

These are a few of the key strategies we’ll use to make helpful new connections in 2019. Like Rocksteady Promotions on Facebook to receive more of our best success tips.