We take advantage of every chance to surround ourselves with successful people. Perhaps nothing enables this quite like a national conference, which a few hand-selected members of Team Rocksteady Promotions attended in February. The event provided a wealth of insights and helpful contacts.

As an added bonus, Joy, our firm’s President, was a keynote speaker at the conference. She discussed the importance of team building, with a special focus on guiding people through expansions into new markets. “It’s essential to have a strong team in place before opening a new territory,” she noted. “We’ve learned a lot about expansion through our Rocksteady Promotions ventures, so I was honored to share my insights with everyone at the conference.”

There were sessions on all kinds of key business topics during the conference. Joy remarked, “Our people got to learn best practices for recruiting new talent and building connections with customers. There were also wide-ranging insights on what it takes to run a small business. Combined with speeches from top industry leaders, there was a remarkable amount of educational value for our team members.”

Our associates also made sure to research the guest list before the event, which allowed for effective icebreakers. “I remind everyone to do their homework before a big conference,” our President noted. “When they know more about their potential contacts, our people can quickly build bridges to lasting bonds.”

We always try to make the most of our travel adventures. Check out the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire to receive updates on our excursions.