We’re always interested in finding new ways to build stronger bonds in the Rocksteady Promotions office. That’s why we were so excited for our most recent team night, which involved tie-dying shirts! We’re a creative group, so we jumped at the chance to do something that let our imaginations run wild. The designs we created were unique to every person. It was an amazing chance to express ourselves in a completely different light and make memories that will last forever.

When we plan our Rocksteady Promotions team-building events, we keep a few fundamental concepts in mind. For one thing, we want everyone to know exactly what the expectations are for any activity we plan. Whether we’re indulging creativity, stoking our competitive fires, or just relaxing with our coworkers, we want everyone to be on the same page.

It’s also important that whatever we do offers real benefits to our on-the-job performance. With each activity, we aim to improve our communication skills in the process. That’s usually not too hard to achieve, and the benefits lead to stronger teamwork when we return to the office. Just seeing each other outside of our work roles tends to forge better connections that make collaborating that much easier.

We’re definitely looking forward to our next team night, whatever type of activity it features. Follow Rocksteady Promotions on Twitter for updates on all our morale-boosting events.