Last month, we added a new chapter to our team-building history by hosting a Rocksteady Promotions potluck. Everyone brought in different dishes, so we had an evening of delicious food and stimulating conversation. Having a chance to reflect on what we’ve accomplished in 2018 gave us even more motivation to hit the ground running in 2019.

We take pride in the culture we’ve built for members of Team Rocksteady Promotions. Joy, our firm’s President, explained that strong team connections begin with our firm’s focus on one-to-one coaching. Incoming associates are paired with seasoned team members who show them the ropes, helping them quickly find their footing in our industry. The positive vibes created through our mentorship program carry over into all kinds of collaboration on the job.

Appreciation is a big part of what makes our work atmosphere so inspiring. Events such as the team potluck are ideal opportunities to put people in the spotlight for their achievements. We all get inspired by seeing our colleagues singled out for praise. The fact that it often happens in laid-back settings makes us even more excited to earn center stage. Being recognized in front of the whole team is like a celebration of everything we stand for as a company.

We’re always looking forward to another fun team event. Like Rocksteady Promotions on Facebook for more on our supportive work atmosphere.