We set the bar high for everything we do here at Rocksteady Promotions HQ. Recently, our team broke an office record for the most successful campaign. Joy, our firm’s President, explained, “We set a new record on behalf of Inspire Energy, with the biggest campaign week yet. Our team maintained focus on the right things to achieve this milestone. I’m excited to see what other records our associates can break this year.”

Goal setting is emphasized within the Rocksteady Promotions culture. With clear objectives in place, it’s much easier to gauge our progress and make adjustments that lead to sustained success. We go beyond simply maintaining the status quo , even when things are going exceptionally well. We understand how important it is to aim higher if we want to stay ahead of the competition.

A supportive work atmosphere also aids our commitment to setting and achieving big goals. There are a few fundamental concepts our leaders keep in mind to nurture the best possible office culture. Joy remarked, “Recognition is one of the keys to keeping a positive atmosphere for team members. Our associates know their efforts will be appreciated, so they’re even more motivated to push beyond their current skill sets.”

This new record gives us something to build on as 2018 moves along. Check out the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire to receive updates on our team achievements.