At Rocksteady Promotions, we always have our fingers on the pulse of the green energy movement in the United States, and one area that came to our attention in recent days is a bold suggestion by Arizona’s top utility regulator. Corporation Commission Chairman Doug Little thinks it’s time for his state to step up the rules when it comes to the use of clean energy. We’re behind him 100 percent.

Little has proposed that people in Arizona get 30 percent of their power from clean energy sources by the year 2030. His argument is based on the fact that prices for clean energy – including solar and wind – have been falling, making green options more cost-effective. In Arizona, utility companies abide by standards last reviewed in 2006. According to Little, that’s not enough – and we at Rocksteady Promotions agree.

For Little, there’s a fine line to be walked when putting these new standards into place. He wants to make sure that the coal plants already working in Arizona are kept open until they’ve reached the natural ends of their lives, rather than closing them early. “If you retire those plants early, you end up sticking ratepayers with the … costs,” he said, making it clear that he wants a smooth transition to green energy for the state.

Rocksteady Promotions will be following Little’s proposal with great interest. We’re with him!