At Rocksteady Promotions, we’re always looking for the next big thing in clean energy. We’ve been following the development of new tech to reduce the use of dirty electricity sources for years, and many of us have more than one of these gadgets installed in our homes. Our local communities are quickly catching on to the idea of using green energy, even for businesses.

However, there’s another angle that our team at Rocksteady Promotions was thrilled to discover recently. What about when you’re traveling far off the grid and still want to use a renewable energy source?

Student Nils Ferber put his mind to work tackling that specific problem. His solution is a portable wind turbine that packs down to the size of an umbrella. That’s something we can definitely see becoming a mainstay on long expeditions, particularly those during which solar power isn’t suitable.

Wind is one of our favorite sustainable energy options, particularly because there are many locations on earth that are quite rugged and may have far more access to wind than to sunlight.

Ferber is still seeking partners to finish development on his Micro Wind Turbine and bring it to market, which would be exciting to a number of individuals and groups across the world. We applaud his innovative efforts and can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!