We focus on public speaking during the Rocksteady Promotions training program because we know how important it is to professional advancement. When we speak on behalf of our company, we put the following strategies into action to make the strongest impressions we can.

There’s no substitute for practice in the days and weeks leading up to a big presentation. We rehearse our speeches in front of mirrors, on video, or with practice partners to make sure our body language is where we want it to be. We’ve also found that practicing our speeches helps us smooth out our vocal deliveries and avoid stumbling over our words.

We research our audience the best we can before every speaking engagement. This is important because when we know our listeners’ interests, we can modify our content for optimal effect. If our audience is full of tech-savvy people, we might stress different points than we would for a more traditional group of professionals.

We’ve also found that arriving early at the venue is a good way to set ourselves up for winning Rocksteady Promotions presentations. When we feel more comfortable with the space we have and what our sightlines will be, we’re ready to deliver our messages with confidence.

These simple techniques are helping us become more effective public speakers. For more of our best presenting tips, follow Rocksteady Promotions on Instagram.