Having just capped off the summer with a Rocksteady Promotions Labor Day party, we’re excited to give our hard-working associates some well-deserved recognition. Joy, our firm’s President, explained that our people have consistently gone above and beyond this year, leading to a slew of major wins for the smart energy solution providers we represent. She also outlined a few of the best reasons to celebrate team members’ hard work on a regular basis:

• Increased Productivity: In our experience around the Rocksteady Promotions office, this goes for both individuals and the team as a whole. Reinforcing winning behaviors encourages people to repeat them. Personal and team goals are achieved left and right when our people know their efforts will be rewarded.

• Better Retention: Everyone wants to work where they feel valued. In order to attract the best talent and keep it in place, you have to recognize excellent performance. People who are challenged and earn advancement when they excel have no need to look elsewhere.

• Enhanced Engagement: When team members receive praise for their hard work, they’re more likely to focus even more on doing their best. We’ve seen this in our office for sure, with an uptick in performance after every recognition event.

These are just a few of the ways highlighting great performance pays off. Check out our Rocksteady Promotions Newswire feed for updates on all our standout team members.