Our Rocksteady Promotions Christmas Party is always a memorable occasion, but it’s even better when we can recognize our top performers. That’s what happened at this year’s event, which was held in Atlantic City on December 23.

The party featured all kinds of entertainment, great food, guest speakers, and even a raffle with some bigtime prizes. Along with our firm’s President, Joy, three of our team members also attended and were recognized for their hard work and dedication. This is the first time that three of our associates have received the spotlight at our Christmas party. It’s a testament to how great a year 2017 has been for our organization.

We took time to reflect on our achievements from the past year during the party. It was also a great chance to project into 2018, which we expect to be an even more successful year in terms of expansion and team growth. The ability to discuss these things in a laid-back atmosphere helps us get even more inspired for our company’s future.

Team get-togethers allow us to learn more about each other as people. The more we discover about our colleagues’ personalities, the better our collaboration around the Rocksteady Promotions office becomes.

This year’s Christmas party was definitely one to remember. To find out more about our culture, follow us on Newswire