We’ve always maintained a strong commitment to social impact as part of the Rocksteady Promotions ethos. Outsourcing corporate giving is becoming a viable option for firms of all sizes, and we’re intrigued by the idea. Here are a few reasons why putting your firm’s charitable efforts in the hands of a trusted provider is a sound strategy.

A better return on investment is one good reason to outsource social giving. If you want to reap the many rewards of giving back as a team, including stronger morale and teamwork, you need to make sure everything is in place. This is where outsourcing can really pay off, because companies that specialize in giveback events make sure nothing is amiss. Many, if not all, of the simple mistakes you might make in your efforts to support good causes would be avoided.

The experience for team members is also greatly improved when a special provider organizes giveback events. We explore all kinds of social impact options here at Rocksteady Promotions HQ, many of which open us up to new tasks. It’s easy to see how having a separate company running the show could make supporting a great cause a smoother experience.

Having an outside company organize giveback events is an idea that’s gaining traction. If you want to join the discussion on effective giving and learn more about Rocksteady Promotions’ charitable events, be sure to like us on Facebook.