We recently had one of our favorite Rocksteady Promotions team nights of the year when we attended a Philadelphia Eagles game. Watching the Super Bowl champions up close was one of the most memorable things we’ve done as a group. We’re a very sports-minded group, with many of us growing up as Eagles fans. Cheering on our favorite football team is an amazing way to build even stronger morale throughout our office.

Our gatherings are only part of our culture-building strategy. Joy, our firm’s President, explained that we hire with cultural fit in mind as well. We look for candidates who bring values that align with our firm’s guiding principles. During the interview process, it’s a good idea to give potential hires quick tours of the workplace so we can see how they interact with current team members. Even in a few short minutes, it’s easy to tell what the fit would be.

We’ve also maintained a policy of careful listening within Rocksteady Promotions HQ in order to maintain a solid team culture. Our leaders recognize that great ideas can come from anywhere, so everyone has an equal chance to be heard. Regular recognition efforts also ensure that our team members know their efforts are valued.

It’s going to be another great season for the Eagles. We’re ready to continue supporting them with our teammates. Like Rocksteady Promotions on Facebookfor more on our group outings.