“We’re so excited to announce a new company has been added to our portfolio,” stated Joy, our Rocksteady Promotions President. “Along with our expansion into Maryland, this development shows how our commitment to setting aggressive goals is bringing great rewards. Our business has grown so much already, and I can’t wait to see what more we can accomplish in 2018.”

Putting clear goals in place is a core element of the Rocksteady Promotions success strategy. Joy added, “We encourage our team members to establish well-defined objectives for their own development. As they evaluate their own progress toward reaching their potential, they get used to breaking down big goals into smaller increments. The same philosophy helps our people accomplish the lofty objectives we put in place for our company as a whole.”

We’ve learned that accountability plays a key role in reaching the goals we set for ourselves. Every time we put a benchmark in place, we share it with as many people as possible. By doing so, we invite others to check in on our progress from time to time. There’s something special about having these extra sources of motivation. The more people we have to hold us accountable, the likelier we are to put in the effort any big goal demands.

Our growth objectives for 2018 will require a lot of hard work, but we’re up to the challenge. Check out the Rocksteady Promotions Newswire to receive updates on our progress.