It’s an exciting time around the Rocksteady Promotions office as we close in on another expansion, this time to Delaware. Joy, our firm’s President, explained that Andres will be spearheading the venture. She added that he’s the ideal choice because of his commitment to ongoing improvement.

Our continuing growth has created an incredible amount of opportunities for those already on our team and candidates who want to come on board. The Delaware expansion opens the door to promotions as well as a hiring push. Joy noted that driven individuals will find rewarding career paths and plenty of learning options in our workspace.

The benefits of expanding into new markets are many. Reaching more customers is perhaps the most obvious positive outcome. However, we also believe in the reputation boost that comes with spreading our market reach. Every step Rocksteady Promotions takes into fresh territories is another signal that we intend to be an industry leader for a long time to come.

Our expansion goals reflect the growth mind-sets we stress throughout our office. We believe there’s always new ground to be broken, whether it comes to learning, business growth, or any other measure. Our team members aim higher with every achievement.

We’re ready to maximize the Delaware market. Follow Rocksteady Promotions on Twitter for updates on our rapid growth. Our next expansion is right around the corner.