There’s a buzz building around the Rocksteady Promotions office as we prepare to expand into Harrisburg, Pennsylvania! Joy, our firm’s President, explained that this is an incredible chance to widen our market reach and create growth potential for current and future team members. There will be plenty of new openings for fresh talent and promotions on the table for our current associates as well.

Andres is spearheading the Harrisburg expansion, and Joy stated that there’s no one more fit for the task. She noted that Andres has a real dedication to his work and his colleagues. He’s a team player who truly goes all in not just for his own success but for the betterment of his entire team.

The Harrisburg venture is the latest example of how we always set the bar higher. We emphasize growth mind-sets throughout the Rocksteady Promotions office, always believing there’s room for improvement. When it comes to expansion, we set our sights on specific markets and attach firm deadlines by which we want to be in business. As soon as the Harrisburg location is humming along, you can be sure that we’ll have further markets in mind to continue building our company’s reputation as a fast-growing industry innovator.

We’re excited to watch Andres excel with his team in Harrisburg. Follow Rocksteady Promotions on Instagram for updates on this venture and our future expansion plans.